展覧会「Capital Fever」@ Corridor Project Space / Exhibition “Capital Fever” @ Corridor Project Space

Exhibition: Capital Fever
With: Elisa Caldana and Aki Nagasaka
Online Exhibition: 23 October – 15 November 2020

In search of ways to continue their artistic practices in the current time of crisis, the duo will use the exhibition time and space at Corridor Project Space as an opportunity to incubate and open a set of windows into their ongoing collaboration. During the exhibition period, the artists will live-stream their activities from their studios and their changing locations, documenting their flow of work. The exhibition will function as a film account of how the artists work and live in the current time of crisis.

The exhibition will exclusively be accessible on the online platform Through the set of windows on the website, the audiences will be invited to observe the artists working on their collaboration and individual practices from The Netherlands, Italy, Hong Kong, and Japan, and going through different situations such as travel, quarantine, artistic production, research, and discussion. It will be a unique chance for the audiences to see incomplete states of the artists’ ideas and discussions and the process of how they get materialized into work.

A weekly live-streaming schedule will be announced through the Corridor Project Space social networks. The public will be invited to interact with the artists through the Corridor Project Space Instagram account.

On the first week of the exhibition period, the artists will live stream from these locations: Elisa Caldana​ – from her studio at Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands Aki Nagasaka ​- from some location in Hong Kong.

Elisa Caldana and Aki Nagasaka initiated the research-based project Times of Crisis in 2017 to investigate the global economic crisis and its effects on different cities/countries and the lives of people living in those places. Their first research took place in Tokyo in 2018, hosted by the Tokyo Arts and Space International Residency Program. After presenting their project at Corridor Project Space in 2020, they will conduct their second research in Bologna in 2021, hosted by the ROSE Residency Program – Villa delle Rose, in collaboration with the MAMbo Museum, Bologna.

The online exhibition Capital Fever is part of the year programme Frozen Time. Each season, Corridor Project Space focuses on one main theme that is explored through a series of exhibitions. ​Frozen Time​ attempts to explore our current societal obsession with time. Invited artists approach the theme through different angles and practices, leading us to think about solidarity, economy, and boundaries formed by and through time.​

​Corridor Project Space is kindly supported by Gemeente Amsterdam.

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