Group Exhibition “Foreshadows” @ Tokyo Arts and Space TOKAS Hongo

Period: 2019/6/1 (Sat) – 7/7 (Sun)
Time: 11:00 – 19:00
Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
Address: 2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Organized by: Tokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Artists:Elisa CALDANA & NAGASAKA Aki, Gianfranco FOSCHINO, Luciana JANAQUI, LIM Sokchanlina, MIYAGI Futoshi, MUKAI Eriko, Henrike NAUMANN

Residency programs are designed to help artists distance themselves from the routine of daily life, and live and work for a given period in a foreign country. The programs also provide them with an opportunity to objectively reexamine the places and environments that they normally inhabit, and allow them to see their current situation from a bird’s-eye view. Artists, whose views of society tend to be ahead of the curve, have a special ability to detect, research, and make works based on things that most of us do not notice or see. These include, for example, shedding light on the history of common people that has been buried in the past, and the social systems that naturally arose in these areas and surroundings. In this exhibition, 14 groups of artists present works that grew out of their experiences in a residency program. It will be very interesting to see these works in which the artists attempt to capture the instant when foreshadows of what might happen in the future assume an obscure shape.
Mukai Eriko, who focused on logging, a major and systematically conducted industry in Finland, and Elisa Caldana and Nagasaka Aki, who researched the Japanese economy after the collapse of the economic bubble and the resulting effects on people’s lifestyles, turn their attention to systems such as industry and labor and introduce their own new interpretations.
Luciana Janaqui examines how certain events seemingly repeat and to what degree they are similar or different each time, by merging other people’s memories and her own physical experiences, this time in her pilgrimage across the north of Spain.
Miyagi Futoshi deals with varying perspectives that can apply to the same subject depending on the age, background, and gender of the viewer, while Gianfranco Foschino views Tokyo through the lens of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, a seminal work of Metabolist architecture which has not itself been successfully metabolized. These three artists respectively present narratives that emerge from connections between the space-time points and lines of past and present.
Henrike Naumann conducted research on the subculture of Sapeurs, Africans powerfully drawn to Japanese designer fashions, while Lim Sokchanlina tracked the lives of Cambodian workers and their children living in Japan, showing the ways in which culture is received and preserved when people are removed from their native land.
Detecting foreshadows as they drift through society, these artists witness the moment when a phenomenon begins to assume clear contours through their work, and may also enable us to see a world unlike anything that existed in the past.

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会期: 2019年6月1日(土)- 7月7日(日)
時間: 11:00 – 19:00
会場: トーキョーアーツアンドスペース本郷
住所: 〒113-0033 東京都文京区本郷2-4-16
主催: トーキョーアーツアンドスペース(公益財団法人東京都歴史文化財団 東京都現代美術館)

参加作家: エリサ・カルダナ&長坂有希 、ジャンフランコ・フォスキーノ、ルシアナ・ハナキ、リム・ソクチャンリナ、ミヤギフトシ、迎 英里子、ヘンリケ・ナウマン



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