It is a circle…or? @ クロック・ワーク・ギャラリー / It is a circle…or? @Clockwork Gallery

Two posters in the advertising display cube / 60cm x 85 cm (each poster)


The work is specifically created for Clockwork Gallery, which occupies two poster spaces of the revolving advertising display cube, outside of the Hallesches Tor underground station in Berlin.

Hallesches Tor was one of the main gates to enter Berlin in the 18th century. The area was hugely destroyed during the WWII and was redeveloped under the utopian socialistic scheme in 1960’s. Though still connected with one of the main streets in the city, it has been a deserted, stagnated spot in the neighbourhood for the last decades.

The work points out the several things seemingly trapped in an endless cycle; the architecture at Hallesches Tor, time in a clock, the clock pole in its location and rotation, drunk people who sit in the plaza, and history at large. It posts a fundamental question, “Are all existing things are trapped in the endless cycles…Or are we on some sought of spiral path that changes its path and progresses?”

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