冬の夜にひとりの旅人が 第1〜4章 @ クラント・ギャラリー / If on a winter’s night a traveler Chapter 1-4 @ Kurant Gallery

Installation with objects and large format booklet / Dimension Variable

Started from my personal encounter with a German old lady, the project developed through our exchanges of letters and objects. Taking Italo Calvino’s same-titled meta novel as a model, I challenged to transform the research materials and our correspondence into the factual-fictional interwoven stories.

The Chapter 1 – 4 of the project; Into a magnifying sphere through a bumpy lava tunnel, Sliding down the gorge of crystal protuberances, Being a companion of Pesto Verde, Mont Blanc, and a block of meat, and Shooting up the circuses above the Atmosphere of Venus, were presented at Kurant Gallery in Tromoso, Norway.

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