アターリアのお姉さんの家でのプロジェクト @バット・ホネフ / Atalya’s Sister’s House Project @ Bad Honnef

Site-specific Installation with printed transparent foils on the building windows / Dimension Variable


The image on the windows seems like a typical landscape of the Rhine region in Germany, where the work was installed, but it actually is an image taken in the town called Hozorea in Israel.

Hozorea was founded by the German Jewish people in 1930’s, and their desire to create a new home was manifested into creating landscapes resembling to their homeland. They imported many plants from Germany and worked hard to grow them in the very different climate.

The mother of the family living in the house is from Hozorea. Upon her marriage, she moved to Germany. While the landscape in Germany was the original and the landscape they created in Hozorea was the reproduction for the first generation of the people in Hozorea, the situation is opposite for her, and the situation again will be opposite for her two children who have been growing up in Germany.

The town people who pass by the house look at the seemingly mundane landscape they are familiar with, however, they actually see the landscape existing far from their home.

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