手でつかみ形作ったものは、その途中で崩れ始めた。何が痕跡として残るのだろうか。01_アンガス @ 京都芸術センター / Created by the grasp of hands, it began to crumble in the midst of formation. What would remain as its traces…? 01_Angus @ Kyoto Art Center

Installation with poster, video, object and photograph / Approx 550cm x 300cm x 20cm

Created with the grasp of hands, it began to deteriorate in the midst of formation. What would remain as its traces… is an ongoing project, which aims to raise questions about our humanities, in the epoch of Anthropocene, and create stimulating platforms for people to have dialogues with others through artistic expressions. Using my sensory senses and intuition, I collected subject matters; things we have created in the human history and matters we have discovered, relating to Earth and other planets in the universe. Choosing one subject a time from the collected subject matters, I research about it interdisciplinary, and produce work, using the research materials, visual orders and method of storytelling.

The 2nd part of the project, 01_Angus, is a storytelling performance, employing the object, billboard sign, poster and photograph as its props. The story explores the multiple-faceted character of Angus and his journeys to the world-ends, led by his desire to see unseen or invisible truths. The real work is not the props or the story, but rather mental images the viewers have upon experiencing the work.

The video is used as a medium for the storytelling in this version.

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