手でつかみ形作ったものは、その途中で崩れ始めた。何が痕跡として残るのだろうか。00_景色 @ Ratskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin / Created by the grasp of hands, it began to crumble in the midst of formation. What would remain as its traces…? 00_Scape @ Ratskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin

The work, which was shown in the exhibitions at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (2014) and Porto City Museum (2017), was turned into a sound work and shown in an exhibition “INSIDE TÖPFERN” at Ratskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin, Germany.


Humans were figures made of clay.

The clay figures learnt to shape clay into bricks, and built houses, roads, and Ziggurats. They also learnt to make them harder by firing, and even built once the capitol of the world empire.

The clay figures learnt to make earthenware from clay, and used them in their daily life as well as their communication to gods. The skills were passed down, and countless art, craft, and junk were created.

The clay figures put clay on their faces and bodies – clay on clay–, wishing for spiritual transformation. The custom was passed down to us, descendants of the clay figures. We put clay on our faces in the forms of cosmetic foundation, powder, and eyeshadow.

The clay figures created marks on the wet clay tablets by pressing twigs, and this wassaid to be the beginning of written languages. We continue to write words on a sheet of paper with pencils. The softness of pencils and the smoothness of paper depend on an amount of clay used in their making process.

If this was set on the other planets it would have been a total different story. But as it has been set on the Earth – the planet of clay-, our life is a clay animation on a clay land.

(Text from the Sound Work)





以前にACAC・国際芸術センター青森(2014年)とポルト市立美術館(2017年)で展示した作品をサウンドワークとしてアレンジし、ベルリンのRatskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunstで行われた展覧会「INSIDE TÖPFERN」で展示した。



粘土で作られた人形たちは粘土をレンガにかたどることを覚え、それを用いて 家や道、そしてジグラットを建てた。彼らはまたレンガを焼いて固くするこ とを覚え、そのかたまりを使って、かつて世界をひれ伏せさせた国の都ロンド ンをも築いた。

粘土で作られた人形たちは生活のため、また神々と交信するための道具とし て粘土を使い、焼き物を作ることを覚えた。引き継がれたその技術は、様々な形 の美術品、工芸品、そしてがらくたを生み出した。


粘土で作られた人形たちは湿った粘土板に木の枝を押し付けて印を刻んだ。そ の印が文字の始まりだと言われている。私たちは今でも紙に鉛筆で文字を記す。その鉛筆の柔らかさや紙の滑らかさは、素材の中に入れられる粘土の量にかかっている。







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