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展覧会カタログ「Times of Crisis」/ Exhibition Catalogue “Times of Crisis”

Exhibition Catalogue: Times of Crisis
edited by Elisa Caldana, Aki Nagasaka with Giulia Pezzoli

Editorial coordination: Francesca Rebecchi
Publication Design: Ted Hyunhak Yoon
Texts by Lorenzo Balbi, Elisa Caldana, Aki Nagasaka, Giulia Pezzoli
Translations: Finking srl
First published in Italy in 2021 by Istituzione Bologna Musei | MAMbo
Printed by Faenza Group S.p.A.
Edition of 200
© Edizioni MAMbo
© 2021 Elisa Caldana, Aki Nagasaka
for the images© the authors
for the texts All rights reserved
isbn 978-88-96296-23-3

Forward by Lorenzo Balbi
Elisa Caldana and Aki Nagasaka in conversation with Giulia Pozzoli


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