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手で掴み、形作ったものは、その途中で崩れ始めた。最後に痕跡は残るのだろうか。 02_ライオン @ 糸島芸農 / Created by the grasp of hands, it began to crumble in the midst of formation. What would remain as its traces…? 02_Lion @ Itoshima Arts Farm







I was invited as the guest artist for the Itoshima International Art Festival “Itoshima Arts Farm 2023”, which would take place in late October 2023. In June, I visited Itoshima and spent three days there, conducting research with the curatorial team for the work I would show in the festival. On the first day, guided by a local historian, we toured several sites, focusing on the Itoshima Peninsula’s geographical characteristics as a boundary area between sea and land, and its connection to the continent. On the second day, we visited a local botanical expert and learnt about plants native to Itoshima and their uses and benefits. On the third and the final day, we took a boat to the nearby Himejima Island to see the Itoshima Peninsula from the sea.

Itoshima International Art Festival “Itoshima Arts Farm 2023”

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