Portrait of Objects, 2018

共同リサーチプロジェクト「危機の時代」@トーキョー・アーツ・アンド・スペース / Collaborative Research-based Project “Times of Crisis” @ Tokyo Arts and Space

Times of Crisis is a transnational research project between the Japanese artist Aki Nagasaka and the Italian artist Elisa Caldana. It started in Japan (Tokyo, 2018) and will further develop as a shared research project in the next couple of years, connecting Japan, Italy, and Germany (2019-2020).

The project revolves around the theme of crises, namely the economic crises, which have affected all these countries and created a common phenomenon such as the generation called ‘Lost Generation’. By conducting researches in Japan and Europe and maintaining our dialogues trans-nationally and culturally, we aim to embrace this thematic in a globalized economic context.


Portrait of Objects, 2018
Open studio documentation
Lava stones shaped by sea waves from Hachijojima, Red algae washed ashore by a typhoon from Minamiboso, Jellyfishe from Tokyo Bay, Aloe vera from Hachijojima, Lemon tree branch from a house in Shinjuku (from left to right)


The project started in Tokyo (May-July 2018),where we have conducted a three-month research, hosted by Tokyo Arts and Space, the international residency program as a part of Museum of Contemporary ArtTokyo. In July 2018, we presented the first outcome of our research in an open studio, accompanying with a public talk with the sociologist Dr. Yoshitaka Mouri (professor at Tokyo University of the Arts). This chapter of our research and dialogue will culminate into new works, which will be presented in an exhibition in Tokyo, 2019.

[soon to be continued]


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