木:これから起こるはずのことに出会うために @ BIYONG POINT / Trees: Audition for a Drama still to Happen @ BIYONG POINT

Masumi’s Trees – 7 ink and watercolor drawings (45cm x 60cm) / Seeing through His Gaze – silkscreen print on fabric (280cm x 260cm) / For a Drama still to Happen – text (20cm x 13cm)

During her research in Akita, Nagasaka took an interest in the traveler, naturalist, and herbal medicine practitioner in the later Edo Period, Masumi Sugae and the tree drawings he made. She decided to incorporate the act of transcribing into her methodology to approach her subject matter: the Renaissance man and his tree drawings.
While this action was her attempt to take his point of view and attitude towards the trees into herself and have a deeper understanding of the depicted trees, it also had a potential and risk of creating discrepancies of impression and interpretation.
By voluntarily putting herself in a vulnerable situation by shaking her own point of view and attitude and consciously working with the discrepancies, Nagasaka developed a series of work to try opening an aperture for a drama still to happen.


真澄の木 – 7枚の水墨彩画 (45cm x 60cm) / 彼の眼差しを通して見る – シルクスクリーン印刷をした布 (280cm x 260cm) / これから起こるはずのことに出会うために – テキスト (20cm x 13cm)



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